G.Skill's Ultra-Fast DDR4-4400, DDR4-4000 RAM Drop To CL16

Trident Z Royal, Trident Z RGB and Ripjaws V Memory

Trident Z Royal, Trident Z RGB and Ripjaws V Memory (Image credit: G.Skill)

G.Skill has launched new low-latency DDR4-4400 and DDR4-4000 memory kits. The latest configurations will be available across the brand's Trident Z Royal, Trident Z RGB and Ripjaws V series.

Unsurprisingly, G.Skill is using hand-picked Samsung B-die integrated circuits (ICs) to achieve the low timings on the new DDR4-4400 and DDR4-4000 offerings. The timings are set to 16-19-19-39 regardless of the frequency. The DDR4-4400 memory kit requires a DRAM voltage of 1.5V, while the DDR4-4000 memory kits stick to 1.4V. The lower voltage on the latter presents the opportunity for you to overclock it to match the frequency of the faster memory kit. However, with overclocking, your mileage may vary.

G.Skill DDR4-4400, DDR4-4000 CL16 Specifications

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SeriesProduct NumberCapacityFrequencyTimingsVoltage (V)Pricing
Trident Z RoyalF4-4400C16D-16GTRS2 x 8GBDDR4-440016-19-19-391.50$209.99
Trident Z RGBF4-4400C16D-16GTZR2 x 8GBDDR4-440016-19-19-391.50?
Ripjaws VF4-4400C16D-16GVK2 x 8GBDDR4-440016-19-19-391.50$154.99
Trident Z RoyalF4-4000C16D-32GTRS2 x 16GBDDR4-400016-19-19-391.40$289.99
Trident Z RGBF4-4000C16D-32GTZR2 x 16GBDDR4-400016-19-19-391.40?
Ripjaws VF4-4000C16D-32GVK2 x 16GBDDR4-400016-19-19-391.40$239.99

If you prefer speed over capacity, the DDR4-4400 memory kits arrive with a capacity of 16GB (2x8GB). The Trident Z Royal retails for $209.99 over on Newegg, while the Ripjaws V sells for $154.99.

On the contrary, the DDR4-4000 memory kits feature a capacity of 32GB (2x16GB). The Trident Z Royal commands a $289.99 price tag, and the Ripjaws V costs $239.99.

Presently, Newegg doesn't have the Trident Z RGB models in stock. They are available through third-party sellers but with mark-up prices. The Trident Z RGB slots in between the Trident Z Royal and Ripjaws V so that alone should give you a general idea of what to expect.

The DDR4-4400 and DDR4-4000 memory kits are compatible with Intel XMP 2.0. You can get them up to speed with a single click on platforms that allow it. As with any G.Skill product, the manufacturer backs the memory kits with a limited lifetime warranty.

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