G.Skill Smashes DDR5 WR With Overclocked DDR5-8888 RAM

Trident Z5
Trident Z5 (Image credit: G.Skill)

G.Skill has again hooked up with Asus to establish a new world record for DDR5 overclocking. The Trident Z5 memory has hit DDR5-8888 under exotic liquid nitrogen cooling.

G.Skill's Trident Z5 was the prior record-holder at DDR5-8704. At this point, the company is practically competing against itself to push DDR5 to new heights. The memory module hails from the F5-6000U4040E16G memory kit, meaning its XMP speed is DDR5-6000. The Chinese overclocker, who goes by the nickname 林大餅Bing, pushed the memory to DDR5-8888, resulting in an impressive 48% overclock.

The sole Trident Z5 16GB memory module resided on Asus's ROG Maximus Z690 Apex motherboard, which also housed Intel's Core i9-12900K. Since it was all about DDR5 overclocking, the record getter kept the flagship Alder Lake in check. For the Trident Z5, however, he did have to play with the primary timings to get the memory stable. The Trident Z5 DDR5-6000's memory timings (40-40-40-76) were already a mess, but the overclocker further loosened them to 88-88-88-88.

The number 8 is the luckiest in Chinese culture since its pronunciation sounds similar to the word "fortune." It would seem that fortune did smile upon G.Skill and Asus in their latest overclocking endeavor. It shouldn't be long now until G.Skill or some other memory vendor eventually cross the DDR5-10000 barrier.

Zhiye Liu
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