IM360 Wants You To Catch A Live Boxing Match In VR This Weekend

On January 16, at 9pm GMT (1pm PT), Immersive Media (IM360) will broadcast its first live boxing match in 360-degree immersive video. Former heavyweight champion, David "Hayemaker" Haye, will square off against Mark "The Dominator" de Mori at the O2 Arena in London, England, and you'll be able to experience the fight as if you were there in the crowd.

"I'm fascinated by new emerging technologies, and am constantly looking to embrace the digital world in order to connect with my fans. With this in mind, I'm thrilled to bring immersive VR technology to big time boxing -- allowing the public to stand alongside me in the ring, letting them see what I see and experience every punch," said Boxer David Haye.

IM360, in partnership with Salter Brothers Entertainment, created the Hayemaker 360 VR application to allow people to watch the live broadcast. In addition to catching the live fight, IM360 said the Hayemaker 360 application will host exclusive content about David Haye, including an inside peak at his everyday life.

"Virtual reality technologies and immersive experiences are at the heart of this next wave of digital evolution. As a company, we are dedicated to creating new ways of making live sports and entertainment more exciting and engaging," said Andrew Salter, Co-CEO of Salter Brothers Entertainment. "To be the very first to bring live VR and 360 to boxing, together with our client David Haye and IM360 this Saturday at O2 Arena, is truly an exciting moment in sports technology," Simon Salter, Co-CEO of Salter Brothers Entertainment added.

The Hayemaker 360 application is designed for Android smartphones and tablets running Android OS version 4.4 or newer. The app can be found in the Google Play store and is available as a free download. 

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  • boytitan2
    Would seem cool if I had google card board 3d head set thingy. I don't so I will just watch this on my p.c.
  • Adam_68
    I want to virtually "be the boxer" ... put smart contact lenses in their eyes ...
  • WFang
    Wait, why is VR in the title? "For Android and iPad"? I'm confused, maybe I need more coffee, but this does not sound like VR as in "put on goggles and have your field of view filled with images making you think you are there".. This seems like 'hey we have an app that lets you choose your viewpoint'. ?