IM360 At Immersed: From The Military To Google StreetView, And Beyond (Video)

We're wrapping up most of our trailing coverage from the Immersed VR/AR conference in Toronto, and among the final interviews from the event is this one with Andrew McGovern, VP of Media and Entertainment, IM360, who educated us on the company's past, present and future.

IM360 creates immersive content of various types, and it's been around for many years. Since building 360-cameras as early as 1994, IM360 has worked on a number of projects with immersive technologies, including the Google StreetView project back in 2006. (McGovern himself can claim an intriguing role in that venture.)

IM360, it turns out, is behind some new experiences that you may have stumbled across, including an Emmy-winning piece involving Taylor Swift, and some upcoming material from Nike.

The rest of the company's history may surprise you, and although it may never be a household name, IM360 is already, and will be going forward, behind much of the immersive technology and content coming to market.

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