Cooler Master Launches Passive CPU Cooler


Cooler Master has announced the Hyper Z600, noiseless CPU cooler. The cooler’s X shape design retains rapid heat transfer and creates a lower backpressure, forcing air to pass through quickly, according to the company.

More here at Digitimes.

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  • nathaniel_0309
    no comment
  • spathotan
    Seen this design before from other companies, this is nothing special. The design and/or shape of the heatsink does not matter, what matters is the materials used, the size of the HS, and the spacing between the fins. Wether you make an X, an O, or a damn hexagon it makes no difference.
  • jerreece
    So this cooler is meant for.... a Celeron processor with no OC?

    Don't think I'd trust a fanless CPU cooler on my Quad. I've got a huge HSF on it now, with lots of fins and a fan, and it still gets warm.