RocketGuard 100 monitors temperature, alerts about failing PSUs

HighPoint Technologies, makers of RocketRAID line of RAID controllers, has released their RocketGuard 100 monitoring card which keeps track of chassis temperature, fan and power supply health. The little card can be mounted anywhere within the computer case and has connectors to HighPoint's RocketRAID cards and chassis alert LEDs. Using the included software, users can set alert limits and be emailed when a fan fails or when the case reached a certain temperature.

As people add RAID controllers and more fans to their computers, it becomes very important to monitor the environment around the hardware. A dead fan or dying power supply may not immediately be a big deal, but those problems can damage valuable hard-drives later. Temperature alert levels can be set and the included software has a built-in SMTP server to send email alerts.

Allen Mah of HighPoint Technologies told TG Daily that the board can be mounted anywhere in the case and that it, "provides notifications and lets users remotely monitor the environment from one application." Mah also told us the RocketGuard 100 only works with HighPoint's RocketRAID line of RAID controllers.

The RocketGuard 100 is currently available for about $25.