HyperX Launches Savage DDR4 With Speeds Up To 3000 MHz

HyperX, a division of Kingston Technology Company, makes memory modules designed for high performance configurations such as gaming and content creation PCs. The company's latest line of memory is Savage DDR4, designed to be paired with Intel Core i5 and i7 Skylake processors, or Intel's enthusiast level Haswell-E processors. HyperX Savage DDR4 officially supports X99, Z170, H110, H170 and B150 chipsets.

HyperX has equipped Savage DDR4 memory modules with asymmetrical low-profile heat spreaders, and matched them with black PCBs. Modules are available in a wide variety of configurations. You can purchase single channel 4 GB and 8 GB sticks, as well as dual- and quad-channel kits ranging from 8 GB up to 128 GB. These kits are available in five different clock speeds ranging from 2133 MHz 1.2v DIMMs to 3000 MHz 1.35v DIMMs. Modules at 2400 MHz, 2666 MHz and 2800 MHz are available as well, but the company did not specify what voltage the varying speeds operate at.

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Part NumberCapacityClock SpeedCAS Latency# of Memory Modules
HX421C13SB/44 GB2133 MHzCL131 stick
HX421C13SBK2/88 GB2133 MHzCL132 sticks
HX421C13SBK4/1616 GB2133 MHzCL134 sticks
HX421C13SB/88 GB2133 MHzCL131 stick
HX421C13SBK2/1616 GB2133 MHzCL132 sticks
HX421C13SBK4/3232 GB2133 MHzCL134 sticks
HX424C12SB/44 GB2400 MHzCL121 stick
HX424C12SBK2/88 GB2400 MHzCL122 sticks
HX424C12SBK4/1616 GB2400 MHzCL124 sticks
HX424C12SB/88 GB2400 MHzCL121 stick
HX424C12SBK2/1616 GB2400 MHzCL122 sticks
HX424C12SBK4/3232 GB2400 MHzCL124 sticks
HX424C14SBK2/32132 GB2400 MHzCL142 sticks
HX424C14SBK4/64164 GB2400 MHzCL144 sticks
HX426C13SB/44 GB2666 MHzCL131 stick
HX426C13SBK2/88 GB2666 MHzCL132 sticks
HX426C13SBK4/1616 GB2666 MHzCL134 sticks
HX426C13SB/88 GB2666 MHzCL131 stick
HX426C13SBK2/1616 GB2666 MHzCL132 sticks
HX426C13SBK4/3232 GB2666 MHzCL134 sticks
HX426C15SBK2/32132 GB2666 MHzCL152 sticks
HX426C15SBK4/64164 GB2666 MHzCL154 sticks
HX426C15SBK8/1281128 GB2666 MHzCL158 sticks
HX428C14SB/44 GB2800 MHzCL141 stick
HX428C14SBK2/88 GB2800 MHzCL142 sticks
HX428C14SBK4/1616 GB2800 MHzCL144 sticks
HX428C14SB/88 GB2800 MHzCL141 stick
HX428C14SBK2/1616 GB2800 MHzCL142 sticks
HX428C14SBK4/3232 GB2800 MHzCL144 sticks
HX428C14SBK8/6464 GB2800 MHzCL148 sticks
HX430C15SB/44 GB3000 MHzCL151 stick
HX430C15SBK2/88 GB3000 MHzCL152 sticks
HX430C15SBK4/1616 GB3000 MHzCL154 sticks
HX430C15SB/88 GB3000 MHzCL151 stick
HX430C15SBK2/1616 GB3000 MHzCL152 sticks
HX430C15SBK4/3232 GB3000 MHzCL154 sticks

HyperX Savage DDR4 memory comes with a lifetime warranty which includes free technical support, and all variants should be available now.

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