iPad Mini Could Hurt PC Market, Predicts Analyst

Not only will the iPad Mini make its mark on the tablet market, but the device could even hurt the PC market in doing so, an analyst has predicted.

J.P. Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz stressed that consumers aim for "feel good" products during difficult economic times, consequently giving the iPad Mini and other tablets the edge over PCs. He noted that consumers are expected to replace their smartphones and tablets two or three times before they purchase a new computer, leading to the average PC having a life cycle of between four and seven years.

"In our view, the iPad Mini stands to target price-sensitive users and the ereader crowd," Moskowitz said. "Given the global economic uncertainty, we think price-sensitive users could gravitate toward an iPad Mini instead of making a PC purchase."

"Our research indicates that the smaller size, absence of Retina display, and less storage capacity underpin the base model's potential price point of $249," he added.

Apple will release the iPad Mini at a much slower pace than the iPhone 5's launch strategy, Moskowitz predicted. The revised tablet is likely to release in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa during November and December, with the Asia-Pacific region due to receive the device mid-December.

Apple is rumored to be announcing the iPad Mini tomorrow, while a release in the US and Europe is reportedly set for November 2. Apple has apparently instilled enough confidence in the tablet by ordering 10 million units for the remaining months in 2012.

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  • rohitbaran
    Another day, another analyst making some 'predictions'. Yawn
  • Analyst wrong, predicts me
  • Wasn't there a survey reported on toms about people not interested on the ipad mini?

    Personally, i don't see how the iPad mini will sell more than the iPad to significantly affect the PC market, especially when Steve Jobs distortion field is diminishing a year after his death (unless he is in a frozen capsule ready to be cloned).
  • dogman_1234
    Desktops will be for enthusiasts...as long as tablets, smartyphones, laptops, and ultrabooks exist...the 'PC' will always be here. Unless the cloud takes over.
  • hiryu
    VF-19Analyst wrong, predicts meNot really, they will (claim to) be "right" just because PC sale may decline or at least the growth become slower and they just take the credit to say ipad mini has stolen the sale from PC.
  • _Cubase_
    If all you need to do to become an analyst is make up some bullshit about something and claim it's an accurate prediction, then everybody here commenting at Tom's is officially an "analyst".
  • kryzzay
    I just can't see the benefit of an iPad mini...... If you've already got a smart phone, then you probably won't be interested. There goes x% of your market...... Time will tell if the sheep buy.
  • bak0n
    I'm thinking the majority of users of the mini will either be those who already own and iPhone 5 and a ipad2, or those who are upgrading from their iPod touches.
  • blurr91
    iPad Mini will cannibalize iPad sales more than PC sales.
  • freggo
    I don't think the PC is on a decline at all. It is more that these buggers have become so fast and reliable that there is less reason to replace them as often; hardcore gamers are obviously excluded.
    I mean the average office worker on a PC with Word, Excel and e-mail can do nothing to make the i3 or i5 CPU inside break a sweat.

    Incidentally, how does Intel get away with the i3/i5/i7 naming. Does Apple not have the universal rights to anything 'i' ?