iPad Mini Prices, Configurations Listed in Euro Retail System

As was the case with the iPhone 5, Apple hasn't even acknowledged the existence of the iPad Mini despite the continuous amount of speculation pertaining to the device. However, pricing and configuration details for the tablet has already reportedly appeared in the inventory system of Europe's largest electronics retailer.

According to an inventory system screenshot stemming from Media Market, the iPad Mini will be released in 16 different memory and wireless configurations.

For a Wi-Fi-only 8GB iPad Mini, prices will start at 249 euros ($322). Other memory configurations of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB will also available during launch. The 64GB cellular version, meanwhile, will retail for around $650.

The aforementioned variants of the iPad Mini will seemingly be available in black or white.

Mobile Geeks, however, have stressed that the prices may be "holding" figures, which is an amount published until Apple announces specific pricing data. Furthermore, a cellular version may not even come into fruition if a recent report that suggests a Wi-Fi-only model will be launched is to be believed.

The rumored 7.85-inch iPad Mini will reportedly be unveiled during an Apple press conference next week on Tuesday, October 23.


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  • echondo
    $300 for a iPad mini? Might as well buy a Nexus 7 tablet!

    What a waste.

    Also, Zak, please stop with the Apple articles, it's annoying.
  • christarp
    yeah zak pls stop with the tech articles i dont like them i dont even know why i visit this site maybe im just stupid
  • tobalaz
    The Kindle Fire sold like crazy because of its $200 price point, it opened the market to 7" tablets.
    The Google Nexus keeps with that $200 price point, people were willing to buy it.
    The new Kindle Fire HD 7" is a beast of a tablet at $200.
    The Nook 7" HD tablet is $200.
    And honestly, if I'm going to use a tablet I want a 10" tablet, my sister has a Kindle and some of the icons seem a little small for me and surfing the net really isn't that hot that small, it seems like a minor upgrade from my smartphone.
    If you want a simple tablet just for reading, you can't beet the Nook Simple touch starts at $99 ($120 for a backlit model) with e-ink, my cousin has one and it really looks like you're reading out of a paper book. Apple is going to be pushing the iPad 7" mainly as an e-reader, but really, unless they knock e-ink out of the park and reduce the glare you can save $200 and get a better product (again, in comparison as a reader).
    What Apple should be trying to do is push the iPad 7" as a "cheaper alternative to those that want more than an iPod touch but don't want to shell out for the full sized iPad."