iBuyPower Steam Machine Video Interview

iBuyPower Steam Machine

We attended Valve's Steam Machine launch event and got a chance to speak with iBuyPower about its offering. We learned that its $499 price point was a part of the company's intention to appeal to the mainstream buyer who might be considering an Xbox One or PS4. Details are still light, but it'll pack a quad core AMD or Intel processor, Radeon GCN graphics, 8GB RAM and a 500GB HDD.


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  • noid4u
    i feel bad for valve, i dont see steamboxs taking off too well but i still wish them the best
  • killerclick
    Please Valve, cancel this nonsense. Steam Machines will never ever take off. They don't have the hardware commonality for games to be optimized like consoles, they don't have enough Linux compatible games out of the box, and very few people will be paying $500 to stream a game from their Windows gaming PC.This is DOA. I was right about Windows 8 and Surface, I'm right about this.
  • chimera201
    lol. These Steam Machines aren't meant for us techies, it is meant for those people who don't know how to build a PC. And they are a lot of people. We forum members at Tom's will generally be against this concept but it wasn't meant for us in the first place. Only thing that will interest us is the free SteamOS and the Steam Controller. And Valve wouldn't have planned this without upcoming Linux support.