iBuyPower Announces Steam Machine in Intel/AMD Flavors

The announcement confirmed a lot of what a Valve partner told us last month — that the system will be capable of delivering 60 fps gaming and that it will come with a $499 price tag. However, we also got some previously undisclosed details regarding the specifications of this device.


We now know that iBuyPower’s SBX Steam Machine will come in both AMD and Intel flavors.

Release date is set for ‘later in 2014.’ We’ll keep you posted on specifics when we know more.

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  • chumly
    You guys already announced this. The other guy did a better job.
  • antilycus
    who's this Intel? ohhhh you the mean the over priced, over marketed monopoly...i haven't purchased an intel chip in...well since the p4. AMD virtual instruction set seems to be better and I can get 4x to 8x the power by buying multiple AMD chips (with easy upgrades) as compared to Intel's god awful prices.
  • csc14us
    @antilycus: having built gaming PCs with both AMD's FX-6300 and the Core i5-4670K, I can say the extra cost of the Core i5 is worth every penny. Even with a GTX 760, I was never able to get Skyrim with mods to run perfectly smoothly until I built a Core i5 based machine. Same goes for Diablo III at 1440p. And the Haswell Core i5s are in the same price range as the FX-8350. Intel for gaming is worth it, man.
  • I run an amd phenom II x6 1090T cpu and just got the Asus DirrectCU II OC 760 graphics card, I cant help feeling the CPU is holding back my system I have thought of upgrading to the fx8350 BUT I have to agree with csc14us intel i5 or i7 would be a better choice for a gaming pc, Don't get me wrong the AMD FX range of cpu's are good enough but why would I settle for good enough when for around the same money of the FX8350 I could buy the intel i5 4670 ? I've stuck with amd for the past few years now I want a change even wasn't impressed with my HD7870 so changed for the gtx760 mentioned above
  • gggplaya
    @antilycus: You have no clue what you're talking about. Intel does make a better chip, AMD acknowledges that. The Intel chip beats it in performance, power consumption, speeds nearly all fronts. The only area that it loses is price. That's why AMD has moved it production focus to other area's such as integrated all in one chip solutions like the XBONE and PS4, leveraging it's ATI acquired graphics know how. They know they can't compete in the desktop processor market anymore. Intel has a good stronghold on that now. And yes, my first AMD was a K6II 333mhz, i loved that processor, back when they could really compete with intel.
  • Coal Felpz
    You gotta admit one thing though, it looks pretty damn sleek.