Id-Cooling Puts Its Cooling Products On Display In Taipei

Id-Cooling, best known for its line of CPU heatsinks and all-in-one liquid cooling solutions, announced a handful of new cooling products in Taipei.

First up, the company has an all new line of A-I-O coolers called Dashflow featuring a redesigned water pump and includes RGB LED lighting capabilities.  The company did not provide information on radiator or fan sizes.

Next, we have an updated version of the Auraflow 240 that now includes RGB functionally to the pump and fans. The Frostflow line received a cosmetic makeover in the form of a new black and white theme and is available in 120, 240, and 280mm models.

Finally, we have the SE-214L series CPU heatsinks. These coolers are said to have larger heatpipes than “normal” heatpipe CPU coolers, though no specifications were given. The SE-214L is available with a red or white fan or in an all-white Snow Edition.  Each of these coolers are equipped with what the company is claiming is the world’s first 120 - 130mm fan. Although it is hard to tell from the pictures, the outside edge of the fans are actually 130mm, while the inside edge closest to the fins of the heatsink is 120mm. In theory, this design creates a funnel effect that should generate higher static pressure.

Information on pricing and availability is currently unavailable.

  • JackNaylorPE
    So this is it for this tears products ... all bling and no ding. Was hoping we'd start to see somebody do something significant like a CLC which didn't create a galvanic corrosion cell between the copper block and aluminum rad.