Insiders Finally Gain Access To Android Apps On Windows 11

Amazon Apptore in Windows 11
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Android Apps have finally arrived in Windows 11 with Windows Insiders gaining access to the new Android Subsystem for Windows in the latest Beta Channel build. If you download the new beta, Android Apps will be available if you install the Amazon Appstore in the Microsoft Store or any Android app within the store.

Android apps were first teased with Microsoft's official Windows 11 announcement a few months ago but didn't make it in time for the Windows 11 launch. To make Android app compatibility a reality, Microsoft has built what it calls the Android Subsystem for Windows. This system virtualizes an Android environment with Hyper-V by using the Android Open Source Project so any Android app can run in Windows.

When you run android apps in Windows 11, the experience should be completely seamless with apps integrating perfectly into Windows 11's modern UI as if the they were running natively. All of your Windows shortcuts, snap layouts, notifications and clipboards will work with Android apps.

Unfortunately, Microsoft was unable to use the Google Play Store, instead, they have opted to use Amazon's Appstore, which is where all Windows 11 compatible Android apps will reside. If you want your Android app to run in Windows 11, it has to come from the Amazon Appstore.

To run Android apps in Windows 11, there are several requirements that need to be met. Your PC will need to have virtualization enabled within the BIOS, and you'll need to be running Windows 11 build or greater. You also need to be in the Windows Insider Beta Channel to gain access. A United States Amazon account will also be required, along with setting your PC to the U.S. region.

To start, there will be 50 apps for Windows Insiders to test out, however, more apps will be arriving over the coming months through Windows Insider updates.

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  • drtweak
    Wonder if sideloading apps will be a think or not? Would be kind of cool to just double click on a .apk and it just goes.