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Early Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake Pricing Shines Light on Likely AMD Rivals

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Intel's 10th Generation Comet Lake desktop processors aren't expected until the spring. However, a tip from hardware detective @momomo_us helped us track down early Comet Lake listings from two European retailers.

Czech retailer Bohemia Computers and Slovakian retailer ITSK-HS have already listed the Comet Lake parts on their respective websites. The postings could be temporary placeholders, but if not, they give us a general idea of Comet Lake's final pricing. 

The online stores marked the Comet Lake parts with the LGA1200, which refers to the new CPU socket that Intel is reportedly introducing for the new 14nm chips. In addition to the pricing, the retailers also shared base clock speeds for the processors.

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Comet Lake Pricing

Comet Lake Pricing (Image credit: Bohemia Computers)
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Comet Lake Pricing

Comet Lake Pricing (Image credit: ITSK-HS)

Bohemia Computers and ITSK-HS posted 12 different Comet Lake desktop chips, spanning from Celeron SKUs to Core i5 ones. Unfortunately, there was no mention of the juicier models, such as the Core i7 or Core i9. 

For the sake of comparison, our table below uses  pre-VAT prices, which should be close enough to the end prices we can expect in the U.S. We've converted the shops' respective currencies over to dollars.

Intel Comet Lake Rumored Pricing

ModelPart NumberBase ClockBohemia ComputersITSK-HS
Intel Core i5-10600BX80701106003.3 GHz$233$251
Intel Core i5-10500BX80701105003.1 GHz$210$227
Intel Core i5-10400BX80701104002.9 GHz$190$204
Intel Core i5-10400FBX8070110400F2.9 GHz$162$174
Intel Core i3-10320BX80701103203.8 GHz$169$183
Intel Core i3-10300BX80701103003.7 GHz$158$171
Intel Core i3-10100BX80701101003.6 GHz$129$137
Intel Pentium G6600BX80701G66004.2 GHz$98$105
Intel Pentium G6500BX80701G65004.1 GHz$87$93
Intel Pentium G6400BX80701G64004.0 GHz$70$72
Intel Celeron G5920BX80701G59203.5 GHz$57$61
Intel Celeron G5900BX80701G59003.4 GHz$45$48

Potential AMD Rivals

The i5-10600 could hit the retail market with a price tag of $230-$250. This means that the unlocked model, the i5-10600K or i5-10600KF, will ultimately cost even more. If this pricing is accurate, Intel is in big trouble. AMD's Ryzen 5 3600X, which also sports six cores and 12 threads, is selling for as low as $214.

One of the more interesting duels will likely be between the i5-10400F, which apparently costs $160-$175, and the Ryzen 5 3600 that's priced at $175. Both fighters come with six cores and 12 threads, so it'll be exciting to see which comes out as the winner.

The Comet Lake Core i3 chips seem to cost $130-$180. This is a very dangerous territory to for Intel to compete in, considering the AMD Ryzen 5 3600 is in the same price range. Although Intel has enabled HyperThreading on the Core i3, the i3 chips are still at a two core disadvantage compared to AMD's Ryzen 5 chips.

Comet Lake has a rumored April launch date, so we're only a few months away from fight night.