Intel Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake CPU Support Added To Linux Turbostat App

Intel Meteor Lake Graphics presentation slide deck
(Image credit: Intel)

The latest Linux 6.7 update quietly added support for upcoming Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake CPUs for Turbostat (via Phoronix), a performance monitoring app made by Intel. While a single update doesn't indicate anything in particular, it's a sign that Intel's next generation is progressing toward completion.

Turbostat is an app that details info about power consumption, frequency, CPU usage, and other statistics that users might find helpful. Linux 6.7, which came out earlier this month, included an update for Turbostat that added support for Arrow Lake and Lunar Lake consumer CPUs and Intel's upcoming Granite Rapids, Granite Ridge, and Sierra Forest server CPUs.

Arrow Lake is expected to arrive in 2024, less than a year after the launch of Meteor Lake. The main improvement of Arrow Lake over Meteor Lake is its 20A-fabbed compute tile, which is rumored to have newer and more cores. Rumors also indicate that it will essentially be the same as Meteor Lake and might only differ concerning the compute tile.

Lunar Lake is also set to release in 2024 following Arrow Lake, and while we know it uses a new compute tile fabbed on the 18A process and comes with new Lion Cove and Skymont cores, there are few other details. It is a mystery where it fits in Intel's product stack since it will likely come out just a few months after Arrow Lake.

Support for Intel's Xeon Granite Rapids, Sierra Forest, and Grand Ridge processors was also added to Turbostat. The next-generation server chips will arrive on the server market to compete with AMD's EPYC army.

Matthew Connatser

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