Intel Introduces Faster Atom N470 at 1.83 GHz

The Atom, even in its new Pineview guise, isn't a screaming demon; but Intel today launched a slightly faster iteration of its ubiquitous low-power processor. Now joining the original 1.66 GHz Atom N450 is the N470, which dials its single-core to run at 1.83 GHz with the usual 512KB of L2 cache and DDR2-667 support.

While the slight speed bump isn't going to be changing the character of Atom-based netbooks anytime soon, the option of a "high-end" CPU for netbooks might encourage OEMs to package more capable multimedia-oriented parts with the Atom N470, such as the Broadcom Crystal HD video processor or the Nvidia Ion 2 chipset.

Intel says that major OEMs are expected to introduce systems based on this processor over the coming months.

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  • SmarterChoice
    Who cares.
  • mianmian
    Intel finally get a faster Atom after years. Let's see how long Atom gonna stay on this frequency.
  • warmon6
    non-numb-nutzWoohoo!!! Pointless tiny speed bump... This is like when people ask my advice on a laptop: "Should I spend an extra $100 to get the 2.2ghz processor instead of the 2.0ghz?"No, numb-nuts, you'll never be able to tell the difference...I'd hardly rate this as news-worthy TBH...

    well said