Scenes From Computex 2009: Intel's Booth

Intel's got one of the largest presences at Computex this year, and obviously with that comes a massive booth. We even got to see some of the bunny men return! Check out a few of the pictures we snapped from the show floor:

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  • doomtomb
    Intel wants to start making gaming more about the CPU, not the graphics card. So instead of having to buy a $350 GTX 285 we'll be looking at $1,000 "Extreme" CPUs from Intel. They are the largest manufacturer of CPU chips but still their prices are through the roof. $280 for entry level Core i7 which is $30 higher than AMD's flagship Phenom II X4 955. I'm no AMD fanboy but I'm not looking to a future controlled by Intel.
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  • apache_lives
  • sublifer
    no booth babes?!?!? How dare they!

    Marcus, Tuan, show us the goods ;)
  • Tindytim
    subliferno booth babes?!?!? How dare they!

    Ever heard of Google? If you want to see scantily dressed women, they are easy to find.