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57 New Intel CPUs, Mobile Core i9 Break Cover In AIDA64 Beta

Intel appears to be readying new sets of mobile and desktop processors, with Finalwire adding a plethora of new CPUs to a recent beta version of its popular AID64 benchmarking suite, including what appears to be the first mobile i9 processor.

The release notes of AID64 Extreme beta version 5.92.4397 are highlighted by several new entries for the program’s Intel Processor Number detection feature. All of the new CPUs are listed as 8th and 9th generation parts (8000 and 9000-series), ranging from Celeron and Core i3 to Core i7 and a new Core i9. The applicable release notes are listed below:

“Identification of Intel Core i7-8000H Series (aka Coffee Lake-H MB)Identification of Intel Core i9-8000H Series (aka Coffee Lake-H MB)Identification of Intel Xeon E-21xx(G) (aka Coffee Lake-S WS)Identification of Intel Xeon E-21xxM (aka Coffee Lake-H WS)Intel Processor Number detection for Celeron G4900, G4900T, G4920, G4930, G4930T, G4950Intel Processor Number detection for Core i3-8000, 8000T, 8020, 8020T, 8100T, 8120, 8120T, 8300T, 8320, 8320T, 9000, 9000T, 9100, 9100T, 9300, 9300TIntel Processor Number detection for Core i5-8300H, 8400B, 8400H, 8400T, 8420, 8420T, 8500, 8500B, 8500T, 8550, 8650, 8650K, 9400, 9400T, 9500, 9600, 9600KIntel Processor Number detection for Core i7-8670, 8670T, 8700B, 8700T, 8750H, 8850HIntel Processor Number detection for Core i9-8950HKIntel Processor Number detection for Pentium Gold G5400, G5400T, G5420, G5420T, G5500, G5500T, G5600, G5600T, G5620Intel Processor Number detection for Xeon E-2176M, 2186M”

In total, the AIDA64 beta release adds support for 57 new Intel processors. Although Coffee Lake mobile processors have been in the works for some time, this is the first solid source to disclose the specific models we’ll be seeing when the chips debut. New desktop processors are also inbound, with Intel releasing a mix of Core i3, i5, and i7 desktop models that appear to target lower power ceilings, clockrates, and pricing than its current line of CPUs, judging by the model numbers and suffixes.

The presence of 9000-series CPUs may also indicate that Intel is releasing a new processor generation, but whether or not these models are Coffee Lake refreshes (similar to the recent slew of Kaby Lake refresh CPUs) or 10nm Cannon Lake chips is anyone's guess at this point. The timing seems somewhat premature for the anticipated architectural die shrink, but with CES just around the corner and CPU competition higher than it's been in decades, anything is possible.

Most notably, it seems the mobile segment is about to receive its first Core i9 CPU, the -8950HK. We can only speculate what this new CPU will bring to the table in terms of core count and clock speeds, but it seems to indicate that Intel plans to offer six-core (or possibly eight-core) mobile processors for the high-end mobile market.

Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.