Intel's Rumored 40th Anniversary Core i7-8086K Listed With A 5GHz Boost Frequency

Rumors have been swirling for several months that Intel would release a new processor to commemorate the 40th anniversary of its iconic 8086 processor. Poorly-photoshopped images of the processor have appeared online, and we originally spotted a listing at a Chinese retailer two weeks ago. Unfortunately, the listing used the same photoshopped image, throwing its accuracy into doubt.

Now the team at Videocardz has spotted retail listings at and, which seems to lend some credence to the rumors. Unfortunately, various vendors list the processor, which is widely thought to be a binned Core i7-8700K, with different specifications. Some retailers are listing the model with a 4.0GHz base frequency, while others list it at the rumored 5.0GHz. If the chip becomes a reality, it's possible that it's a special model with Indium solder to accommodate the higher thermal output from the high stock frequencies.

Perhaps most tellingly, all of the listings feature the same BX80684I78086K part number. The chip is purportedly a six-core 12-thread design and is compatible with the LGA 1151v2 socket, so it will drop into 300-series motherboards. It also comes equipped with HD Graphics 630 integrated graphics. The -8986K is an unlocked K-series processor, so it comes without a stock cooler. According to the listings, the chip will retail for ~$480, which is a hefty $100 premium over the current -8700K flagship.

The original 8086 debuted on June 8, 1978, so we would expect a 40th-anniversary launch to coincide with that date. Intel's Gregory Bryant will deliver the company's Computex keynote next week, so hopefully we'll learn more soon.

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  • dudmont
    Boy, when I was a wee lad, we had a sanyo 8086, dual floppies, and a green monochrome display to boot! Now I feel dreadfully old......... :/
  • hotaru251
    Question is what would be a cooler that could keep that beast chilled...

    hopefully rumor ends up being true.
  • AgentLozen
    Hotaru251 said:
    Question is what would be a cooler that could keep that beast chilled... hopefully rumor ends up being true.

    The article claims that the boost frequency is 5.0GHz. That's pretty quick but not unreasonable. Plenty of 8700Ks have seen 5.0GHz before. Whatever is used to cool those would be equally effective on this chip.