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Intel Has 5 nm Processors in Sight

According to the company, future production processes down to 5 nm are on the horizon and will most likely be reached without significant problems. Following the current 22 nm process, Intel's manufacturing cadence suggests that the first 14 nm products will arrive in late 2013, 10 nm in 2015, 7 nm in 2017, and 5 nm in 2019. A slight adjustment has been made to include different production processes for traditional processors and now SoCs. The company previously indicated that SoCs will be accelerated to catch up with the process applied to Intel's main processor products.

According to reports, Intel does not see any reason to believe that Moore's Law, which is really more an accepted guideline and observation rather an actual "law", will be breached by the company within 10 years, which indicates that Intel has visibility even beyond 5 nm. At this time, Intel has 14 nm in development, and 10 nm manufacturing in its research phase.

Also, Intel said that it is planning to move from 300 mm to 450 mm production wafers, but this switch is still about five years out. There was no information on the introduction of EUV lithography.

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