Specifications of Intel's Mobile Haswell CPUs Leaked

VR-Zone published the specs about three processor SKUs, including the i7-4800MQ (2.7 GHz) and the i7-4900MQ (2.8 GHz) that target the higher end of the mainstream and multimedia market, as well as the flagship i7-4930MX (3.0 GHz) for the gaming and workstation market. All Haswell processors will be immediately positioned above Ivy Bridge.

The data sheet reveals that Intel will lift the TDP of Haswell compared to Ivy Bridge. The unlocked gaming CPU will now be rated at 57 watts TDP, up from 55 watts in the current i7-3940/3920 XM models. The mainstream processors will be lifted from 45 watts to 47 watts. As small as the increase may seem, an increase of the TDP is a significant for Intel and indicates that Intel targets noticeable performance improvements in these two segments. Rumor has it that the extra power, as well as power savings over Ivy Bridge are consumed by the graphics engine.

The CPUs will integrate Intel's new HD4600 GPU, which will run at a base clock of 400 MHz, down from 650 MHz in the current HD4000 generation. The 4600 will scale to 1300 MHz in the mainstream and up to 1350 MHz in the flagship processor.


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