Intel Lists Xeon W-1300 CPUs: Rocket Lake for Workstations

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Intel has quietly added its Xeon W-1300 series Rocket Lake processors for entry-level workstations to its database, which essentially means they've had a somewhat silent introduction, at least to businesses. Unlike desktop counterparts, the new Xeon W CPUs support ECC memory and come with Xe-LP graphics featuring drivers certified for professional applications. 

The new Xeon W-1300 CPUs feature six or eight cores based on the Cypress Cove microarchitecture, a built-in GPU with 32 EUs featuring the Xe-LP architecture, AVX-512 support, 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes, and DDR4-3200 support. In general, the new processors for entry-level workstations provide the same benefits as Intel's 11th Gen Core parts provided for desktops, including higher general-purpose performance, improved graphics, and faster PCIe support. 

Intel's Xeon W-1300-series 'Rocket Lake' CPU family includes seven models with a 35W (T-series), 80W or 125W (P-series) TDP that are compatible with LGA1200 motherboards based on Intel's W480 (with the latest BIOS updates) as well as W580 chipsets. The parts featuring a 35W and 125W TDP have the same clocks as their Core-branded siblings, whereas 80W SKUs are faster than Core processors rated for a 65W TDP.

The new Xeon W-1300 series processors share design and architecture with Intel's latest 11th Generation Core processors as well as feature the same cores and clock configurations (except 80W models). In addition, all Xeon W-1300 CPUs come with Intel's UHD Graphics P750 with 32 EUs GPU as well as support up to 128GB of DDR4-3200 memory with ECC. In general, Xe LP-based P-series graphics (which essentially means driver certifications for more than 15 popular CAD and graphics applications) and ECC support are the primary features that differ Intel's Xeon W-1300-series CPUs from Intel's 11th Generation Core products. Obviously, these features cost some additional money.

Intel Xeon W-1300-Series 'Rocket Lake' CPUs

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Row 0 - Cell 0 Cores/ThreadsBase ClockMax TurboTDPiGPURRC
Xeon W-1390P8/163.50GHz5.30 GHz125WUHD Graphics P750$539
Xeon W-13908/162.80GHz5.20 GHz80WUHD Graphics P750$494
Xeon W-1390T8/161.50 GHz4.90 GHz35WUHD Graphics P750$494
Xeon W-1370P8/163.60 GHz5.20 GHz125WUHD Graphics P750$428
Xeon W-13708/162.90 GHz5.10 GHz80WUHD Graphics P750$362
Xeon W-1350P6/124.00 GHz5.10 GHz125WUHD Graphics P750$311
Xeon W-13506/123.30 GHz5.00 GHzWUHD Graphics P750$255

At present, the list of Intel's Xeon W-1300 series features five eight-core models equipped with a 16MB LLC (W-1390P, W-1390, W-1390T, W-1370P, W-1370) and two six-core models featuring a 12MB LLC (W-1350P, W-1350). Intel's Xeon W parts are not compatible with platforms based on Intel's B, H, Q, and Z-series chipsets. 

Intel typically isn't known for listing chips in its database if they aren't either currently available or expected to land in the very near future. As such, we expect workstations based on the new Xeon W-1300 CPUs to arrive in the coming months.

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    Are the Intel W-1300 processors vaporware? It is mid-August and there are none to be found. What gives?