Intel M.2 Optane SSD 905P Goes Up for Pre-Order at $500

Intel first demonstrated the M.2 version of its Optane SSD 905P in April during Computex 2018. Making good on its promise to release the drive before the end of the year, the SSD launches on November 18.

Credit: NeweggCredit: NeweggThe Intel M.2 Optane SSD 905P adheres to the M.2 22110 standard and therefore measures 22mm wide by 110mm long. The drive is built around Intel's 3D Xpoint memory and has a capacity of 380GB. Just like your typical M.2 PCIe SSD, the M.2 Optane SSD 905P utilizes a PCIe 3.0 x4 interface.

Intel hooked up with Slovenian watercooling specialist EK Waterblocks (EKWB) to outfit the M.2 Optane SSD 905P with a dark grey aluminium passive heat sink. EKWB's heat sink consists of a front cover and backplate that are attached to the SSD via stainless steel clips. Although the heat sink features a fairly compact design, it will surely prevent the M.2 Optane SSD 905P from being installed inside ultra-thin devices, such as Ultrabooks. The good news is that the heat sink is removable; however, doing so might hinder the SSD's performance.

At the time of writing, Intel hasn't released performance numbers for the M.2 Optane SSD 905P. But it's safe to say that the drive probably won't be as fast as the AIC (add-in-card) and U.2 variants, which boast sequential read and write speeds up to 2,700MB/s and 2,200MB/s, respectively, and 4K random read and write speeds up to 575,000 IOPS and 550,000 IOPS, respectively. However, the M.2 variant does consume comparably less power at idle and when active. Intel backs the M.2 Optane SSD 905P with a five-year warranty.

The Intel M.2 Optane SSD 905P 380GB (SSDPEL1D380GAX1) is currently available for preorder at Newegg for $499.99. The purchase is limited to two per customer. According to Newegg, the SSD's official launch date is November 18, and it'll probably be shipped to customers shortly afterwards.

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  • pincher.lala.2014
    do i need those expensives mobos for use it?
  • kiniku
    If you are a gamer, save your money.
  • jpe1701
    Do the optane ssd's work fine with ryzen systems or is it like the cache drives that need Intel processors to work?