NVIDIA and Intel War To Start In 2010

The Intel-NVIDIA war heeds warning from CRT Captial Group, saying NVIDIA maybe providing motivation to the chip giant. CRT Captial Group analyst Ashok Kumar issued a warning stating the recent tirade by NVIDIA CEO, Jen-sun Huang may have adverse effects – angering a “huge, rich, motivated design powerhouse.”

Kumar believes NVIDIA’s current products are better than Intel’s offerings, but mentions Huang is greatly overlooking Intel’s lack of interest in the high-end 3D-gaming market, and thus the reason why NVIDIA is so successful.

Many saw Huang’s outburst as NVIDIA’s attempt to gain higher ground before an upcoming epic battle between NVIDIA and Intel. The battle is due out in 2010 and is known as Larrabee, a multicore x86 chip as a discrete graphics card from Intel. Along with support for OpenGL and DirectX, Intel announced the chip design will include SSE-like extensions known as Advanced Vector Extensions.

Early reports on Larrabee showed chip designs incorporating 16-cores, with each core capable of operating over 2 GHz. Intel claims Larrabee is capable to scaling to several thousand cores.

Larrabee’s main attraction so far has been its potential as a ray-tracing chip. However, in a recent blog by Tom Forsyth, a developer on the Larrabee project, Intel’s primary design focus was on rasterization since it would be the only way to render the large library of DirectX and OpenGL games on the market. NVIDIA’s ongoing “war” with Intel started with Huang adlibbing during a financial analyst meeting, stating NVIDIA was about to “open a can of whoop ass” on Intel.

Huang further belittled Intel’s graphics solutions as a “joke” and being abysmal in the visual computing world. NVIDIA’s VP of content relations added to the fire with a declaration that the CPU is dead.

  • Very intersting to say the least...
  • cmmcnamara
    Its just stupid of Nvidia to make such comments. Everyone knows Intel's graphics solutions as of yet suck for the most part and I don't have much faith for Larrabee although it is interesting. NVIDIA is just hurting itself, why would Intel give NVIDIA the ability to manufacture Nehalem chipsets after all of this?
  • BSMonitor
    Ask AMD about taunting the sleeping Giant.....
  • KyleSTL
    Is it me or does nVidia's Huang sound similar to the psycho-babble that comes from Kim Jong-il? Genius? Maybe. Psychotic? Pretty good chance.
  • resonance451
    "How much faster can you render the blue screen of death?"

  • terror112
    lol. BSOD's RULE!!!
  • spearhead
    i doubt intel can fight against nvidia or ati/amd. until now all intel graphic solutions are worthless for gaming. and since the AGP/3DFX voodoo era intel has abandoned the high end graphic market finding its self unable to compete with others. also far more then all those years ago most graphic solutions depend on software and driver support. you dont always need to have the fastest graphic card but you need to have way better driver support. as seen in many exotic configurations like Quad or Triple SLI or Quad Crossfire x having lack of driver support means huge preformance loss and having driver support can also mean high gains. i wonder if intel can get its act togheter by then. its always good to see more players on the market
  • lopopo
    Pros: More competition , lower prices.

    Stats: nVidia 4985 employees 2007 Sales:4,097,900,000
    Intel 86300 employees 2007 Sales:38,334,000,000
    ... even these stats notwithstanding Intel has the advantage because.. bigger company,talented crew , more money for R&D, production capacity and if you ask the average joe on the street he will have no clue who nVidia is but Intel... that stupid song will play in the guys head .. you know from the Pentium commercials...DIN DONG DING DONG
    I like nVidia but "open a can of whoop ass" dude..... what if you don't win

  • jprevost
    Stats: According to lopopo NVidia is making 85% more sales $ per employee. I'd say they are running a tight ship over there in graphics leader land.
    Truthfully, after reading an article in CPU magazine, I see AMD/ATI/NVidia ganging up to build a gaming OS where Intel sticks with Microsoft. The resulting gaming OS could potentially win back a lot of ground for the gpu depending on the price of said OS. Basically they would just need to knock out Intel from having the cpu advantage and put most everything onto the gpu like the ps3 has done with the cell processors. Imagination running wild; Sony helps NVidia/AMD/ATI take on Intel, haha. That would be awesome for PC gaming.
  • Ixad
    It's always over money. Intel doesn't appreciate NVidia dipping it's fingers into Intel's cookie jar with the NForce motherboards. NVidia, on the other hand, has to be concerned at the direction Intel seems intent on taking with it's move towards an integrated memory controller, potentially killing the marriage of SLi and Intel CPU's (and the main reason people buy a non Intel motherboard chipset to begin with). That move could make for some strange bedfellows if it becomes a reality.

    IMO, this was headed towards a showdown long before the mega-egos in both camps started flappin' their gums in a public arena. 2010 is going to be a very interesting year. I hope the outcome is beneficial rather than disastrous for PC gaming .