Intel slowed by speedbumps

San Francisco - Intel announces that they will delay introduction of the Pentium 4 running at four gigahertz until the first quarter of 2005.

Reuters is reporting that Intel informed its customers that the Pentium 4 running four gigahertz will not be available until first quarter 2005. This is just another in a string of delays for Intel processors.

Link to Reuters story

The Santa Clara, California-based company now expects to ship a Pentium 4 chip running at four gigahertz, or four billion cycles per second, in the first quarter, spokeswoman Laura Anderson said.

"We're committed to putting our execution back on track in a way that makes the company even stronger," Anderson said. She declined to give a reason for the delay, other than to say that Intel wanted to be able to provide adequate volumes of the product to customers.

Intel has had other problem this year with CPUs. Due to manufacturing problems notebook CPU launches were delayed in January and July.

Link to Intel's Processor Roadmap