Intel Launches 32nm Westmere-based Xeon CPUs

Intel today launched what it calls its "most secure data center processor" in the new Xeon 5600 series, which is a 32nm update over the previous Xeon 5500's 45nm process. As many of you can figure out, the new Xeon 5600 series is based on the new Intel Westmere core technology.

What sets the Xeon 5600 apart from the consumer-level Core i3, i5 and i7 chips are two new security features -- Intel AES-NI, and Intel TXT -- that enable faster encryption and decryption performance for more secure transactions and virtualized environments.

The frequency-optimized quad-core version of the Intel Xeon processor 5600 series peaks at 3.46 GHz with a TDP of 130 watts, while the six-core version reaches 3.33 GHz with a TDP of 130 watts. Advanced six-core versions will top out at 2.93 GHz and TDP of 95 watts, and the standard quad-core processor will reach 2.66 GHz at 80 watts. Low voltage versions of the chip will have TDPs as low as 60 watts and 40 watts and feature six and four cores respectively.

Intel also announced the availability of the Xeon processor L3406 series. Targeted for use in the single processor micro server segment, the Intel Xeon processor L3406 series has a TDP of only 30 watts, making it ideal for high-density form factors and power-sensitive environments.

Check out more details in Intel's easy-to-understand introduction video below.

Intel Xeon 5600 Intro

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  • cadder
    32.5 watts/core and 32nm, does that sound dangerous?
  • agnickolov
    Now just waiting for Core i7 9xx series refresh to 32nm...
  • Shadow703793
    Early review here:

    In most cases, the Intel Xeon 5670 keeps up or beats the 3P/6 Core AMD set up. Pretty impressive. I do hope AMD can pull off Bulldozer to similar/same/better levels.