Kingpin Says EVGA's AMD X570 Dark Is a Monster Overclocker

EVGA X570 Dark
(Image credit: Facebook - Vince Lucido)

Famous overclocker Vince Lucido, known as Kingpin, shared another photograph of AMD's upcoming X570 Dark motherboard on his Facebook page, stating the new board is a "Monster AMD OC" and left us hanging for more details. Of course, being a Dark board, it's no surprise that this new AMD EVGA board will have some serious overclocking chops for enthusiasts.

EVGA teased its X570 Dark motherboard several months ago, and it will be the company's first AMD motherboard in years. Unfortunately, we don't have full details of the board just yet; however, we can tell from the board's name and pictures that it will be a "monster" overclocker for Zen 2, Zen 3 chips, and especially for RAM overclocking.

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Thanks to Kingpin, we get our first full-frontal image of the new motherboard, giving us a lot of details to unpack. Like its namesake, the X570 Dark will feature a fully black aesthetic, with a black PCB, chipset, M.2 heatsinks and a black shroud over the rear I/O with no RGB lighting to speak of. This is very common with Dark boards which favor functionality over extra unnecessary lighting.

Next to the rear I/O we can see the truly massive silver heatsink covering a presumably absurd power delivery system. What's interesting about this heatsink is its silver accent, meaning it's an aluminum finish. Intel versions of the Dark board have copper heatsinks to cool the power delivery system, making us wonder if EVGA chose aluminum for aesthetic choices or simply because Ryzen chips suck less power than Intel chips, particularly Rocket Lake.

To the top, we can see two DDR4 DIMM slots which is a very common configuration for overclocking exclusive boards. Going from a four-DIMM configuration to two DIMMs gives the board enhanced overclocking support by allowing for shorter traces.

To the right, we can see two Q-code monitors at the top for debugging errors and a power and reset button. Next to those are the 24-pin ATX connector and two 8-pin EPS connectors, all angled towards the right for better cable management. To the bottom, we see eight SATA connectors and two 4-pin PWM/DC fan connectors.

The rear I/O looks to be jam-packed with connectivity, with what looks to be six USB ports, dual ethernet NICs, and six rear audio ports. Plus dual WiFi antennas which will presumably be WiFi 6 capable.

Overall, it appears that EVGA has used its Z590 Dark board as a blueprint for the X570 Dark, as they both look identical except for the silver heatsink. Hopefully, we'll see some new world records broken with EVGA's first flagship AMD motherboard once it's finally released.

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  • peachpuff
    What's the point if zen cpus don't overclock well?
  • Integr8d
    To sell boards...

    Even though EVGA is the darling of the media, I'm done with them. They totally hid the fact that their RTX 2080 Ti's had massive gaps between the silicon and the cold plate and that they were relying entirely on thermal paste to conduct heat. Talk about a massive engineering blunder and the media were complicit in keeping it secret.
  • ThatMouse
    I see so many X570 builds with like one PCI-E drive that doesn't even use the 4.0 speeds, one video card, and nothing else connected. You guys have no clue what you're buying.
  • Alvar "Miles" Udell
    Now AMD just needs to release a Ryzen 5100 OC Edition clocked at 500mhz so "enthusiasts" can extract a 1000% overclock...

    Seriously though is there a point where it's normal to lose your enthusiasm for OCing, or is it just me? I've been at it since that meant flipping jumpers on the motherboard, now with Turbos working so well, I've just lost my passion for it. Now I just go for power optimization, but once I get my new motherboard in, I probably will just let the Turbo handle everything.

    AMD Ryzen 7 3700X @ 4249.01 MHz - CPU-Z VALIDATOR (

  • Marvin Martian
    Without the X570s chipset not interested.