Lamptron's New RGB and Fan Controller Mounts Inside Your PC Case, Dazzles Through Tempered Glass

(Image credit: Lamptron)

Lamptron, recognized for its powerful and stylish fan controllers, as well as other accessories, has announced the SM436 Sync RGB and Fan controller. Outside of controlling the fans and RGB lighting, the SM436 Sync has a unique feature in that its display mounts INSIDE your PC case so it can be seen through the tempered glass that most PC cases feature. 

(Image credit: Lamptron)

The device is able to control up to eight RGB strips through four 3-pin RGB (5VDG, up to 60 LEDs per channel) and four 4-pin RGB strips (12VGRB, up to 60 LEDs per channel), which would be one heck of a light show around your PC if fully populated.

Fan control is handled through four 4-pin headers and supports both PWM fans and DC fans. Each header can handle up to a whopping 36W, so hooking up powerful high-speed fans or daisy-chaining a few on the same channel is certainly possible. The SM436 Sync is also able to read temperatures by connecting the four included temperature sensors to the controller. 

(Image credit: Lamptron)

All of these devices are connected to a controller board with a cover made of acrylic glass. On three of the four edges are all of the same connections mentioned earlier. The controller board is powered through a SATA connection for the RGBs and a Molex for the fans. The board measures 4.7 x 0.8 x 2.85 inches or just a bit larger than a 2.5-inch SSD

The colorful LCD measures 5.5 x 0.84 x 2.3 inches (W x H x D) and takes up three expansion slots. It shows fan RPM and the voltage it's running, along with temperatures from the sensors. The display comes in black and silver and should fit in well with most PC build themes. 

(Image credit: Lamptron)

Control over both the fans and RGBs is handled by the included IR remote control -- no buttons or dials here. You can set fans to quiet mode (40%) or maximum mode or the fan controller can do it automatically. Light modes are also controllable via the remote control; although, there were few details shared on what those are. 

The Lamptron SM436 Sync Edition PCI RGB Fan and LED controller is available now for $59.99

Joe Shields
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