Lenovo Brings Ryzen 5000, 11th Gen Intel Options to ThinkPad Line

Lenovo 2021 Thinkpads
(Image credit: Lenovo)

After updating the ThinkPad X1 line at CES, Lenovo is now opening the floodgates and releasing refreshed versions of its more mainstream ThinkPad T, X and L series, as well as some updates to the P-series workstations. 

The new T-series, among the most popular ThinkPads around, are getting a slew of changes. There are Intel 11th Gen Core versions: the ThinkPad T14 i, T14s i and T15; and AMD Ryzen 5000 options: the ThinkPad T14 and T14s.

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LaptopStarting PriceAvailableIntel or AMD-based
ThinkPad T14s i$1,499 March 2021Intel
ThinkPad T14s$1,279 May 2021AMD
Think Pad T14 i$1,379 March 2021Intel
ThinkPad T14$1,159 May 2021AMD
ThinkPad T15$1,379 March 2021Intel
ThinkPad X13 Yoga$1,379 April 2021Intel
ThinkPad X13 i$1,299 March 2021Intel
ThinkPad X13$1,139 May 2021AMD
ThinkPad L14$689 May 2021AMD
ThinkPad L15$689 May 2021AMD
ThinkPad P14s i$1,389 March 2021Intel
ThinkPad P14s$1,169 May 2021AMD
ThinkPad 15s$1,389 March 2021Intel

The 14-inch models are getting aluminum chassis, rather than silver paint over the typical black shell. For connectivity, Lenovo will offer optional 5G (sub-6 GHz) or 4G. Most Intel models will use Wi-Fi 6E (though some will use Wi-Fi 6), while AMD options will use regular Wi-Fi 6 exclusively. 

But the T14s models are the only ones with an FHD IR webcam, which should make for superior video chatting, especially while so many people are working from home. On the T14 and T15 versions, it's still standard 720p (with or without IR).

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Lenovo's X13 laptops, which are more portability-focused, will get an Intel-based ThinkPad X13 i and X14 Yoga, while the AMD version is the ThinkPad X13. They're getting 13.3-inch, 16:10 aspect ratio displays, joining a trend of taller screens. 

(Image credit: Lenovo)

There's a similar split with the more affordable ThinkPad L series: The Intel-based ThinkPad L14 i and L15 i will have 11th Gen Core vPro, while the L15 will gets Ryzen 5000.

The T14s, T14, X13 and X13 Yoga are getting new aluminum chassis options, while the T14s, X13 and X13 Yoga will all feature "Human Presence Detection" in order to lock when you're not around. That latter feature can work with Windows Hello and the infrared camera to make it so you can log in and then lock the screen, all without ever entering passwords or even touching the machine. 

For those who prefer fingerprint readers to facial recognition, the T14s, X13 and X13 Yoga will all have a reader built into the power button. 

Additionally, Lenovo has its workstations with the P14s using Ryzen, P14s i and P15s running 11th gen Core vPro. The Intel models will offer up to Nvidia T5000 graphics or Intel Iris Xe, while the AMD models will use integrated Radeon graphics. Again, the Intel laptops will have Wi-Fi 6E while the AMD version has Wi-Fi 6.

The Intel models are scheduled to start shipping next month, while the AMD models are coming later in the spring. We'll see how they stack up and if any vie for the title of best ultrabook as they come out.

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  • Heat_Fan89
    I love ThinkPad's. They still have the best keyboards in the industry.
  • BillyBuerger
    I would love an L13 Yoga with 16:10 display and Ryzen CPU. But I don't see that on the list yet. :(
  • g-unit1111
    I would love to see more laptops use the mobile Ryzens but they are so hard to find. AMD has a great product that smashes the Intel equivalent but finding them in any laptop is not exactly easy.
  • MarsISwaiting
    Ryzen ThinkPads ? bad move . very few companies would agree to buy business laptops with AMD inside.