Lenovo launches sub-$400 desktops for small businesses

Lenovo today introduced its first desktop family that targets the small business segment. The ThinkCentre E series builds on standard technology for basic computing tasks and is priced from $380. The new desktop and tower systems are encased in a new silver and black design and come with business applications such as "Rescue and Recovery," which enables users to diagnose, get help, and recover from a crash without the need of an IT staff, even if the operating system will not boot, according to Lenovo.

Standard hardware of the entry level E50 tower includes a 2.66 GHz Intel Celeron D 331 processor and Intel's 915GV chipset with GMA 900 graphics extension or SIS' 661 FX chipset solution, a 40 GByte harddrive and a 10/100 Ethernet port. Monitors are available from $210 for a 10" CRT model and from $260 for a 15" LCD. Pentium 4-based (2.93 GHz) systems are available from $490.