Lenovo Announces ThinkPad Edge Laptops With SSD Caching

A 16 GB SSD is combined with HDDs ranging from 320 to 750 GB in size and improve start-up and application loading times as the solid state drive is paired with Condusiv's ExpressCache caching software. Sandisk and Lenovo promise performance increases of up to 4X of a standalone HDD system.

Lenovo markets the SSD solutions to small-to-medium businesses that do not want to make the jump to expensive SSD mass storage media.

The mSATA upgrade for the Thinkpad Edge E430 and E530 is offered as a $60 option in addition to the $499 price of the base E430 notebook. The E530 starts at $509. Fully equipped notebooks with a quad-core i7 Ivy Bridge processor, 8 GB memory, a webcam and a 750 GB HDD top out at just under $1100.

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  • nebun
    greghomeToms is really slow man..............I already got an email about this from my local distributor in Malaysia last month....

    get over it...learn how to live a little...news is not all that important...you can live without it
  • surf2di4
    world ends yesterday, news at 6pm
  • Anonymous
    Considering how crappy the Sandisk u100 is, ist will probably slow the system down if it's used for caching (instead of using it for the trash can where it belongs)...