Ask Lenovo Your ThinkPad Questions on Today’s 1PM ET Live Stream

CES 2022 Lenovo lineup
(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Last year may have ended with hopes of a return to normalcy for CES 2022, but the reality has been anything but what we expected. With that in mind, we’ve been streaming live discussions directly with tech manufacturers all week, and today’s guest is Lenovo! J

oin us on the Tom’s Hardware YouTube channel (or Facebook, or Twitch!) at 1 PM ET as we talk with Lenovo’s Tom Butler about all the new ThinkPads and ThinkBooks the company has in store for this year. We’ll come equipped with our own hard hitting questions, of course, but one of our favorite parts about doing these streams is being able to connect these industry bigwigs directly with you! We’ll be taking viewer questions live throughout the show, so join in to conduct your own CES interview!

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad and ThinkBook lineup includes a new X1 Carbon, the AMD-focused ThinkPad Z series, new laptops with Intel’s P Series processors, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 and more. There’s plenty to discuss, so see you there!

Michelle Ehrhardt

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