LG's Ergo Dual Makes A Great Setup For Serious Multitaskers

LG Ergo Dual (model 27QP88D)
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LG first unveiled the LG Ergo Dual (model 27QP88D) in October last year alongside the Ergo Single (model 32QP880). On Friday, the company signaled that it has the twin 27-inch LG QHD Ergo Dual ready for distribution in the North American market. In addition, it has published the full product pages with specs and pricing.

If you missed the launch news for the LG Ergo Dual, you could get up to speed with the product quickly by checking out the product overview video LG shared just before the Christmas holidays above. It's such a flexible and adaptable monitor that a few pictures and a video can save a thousand words by visually describing its potential flexes and contortions.

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In brief, there are four fundamental orientations a user can customize their 27QP88D setup. The side-by-side, center-portrait, pivot and stacked modes are adjustable further. In addition, the screens have different latitudes to flex, like the pages of a book, for example, and the standard adjustments afforded by the provided ergonomic stand (height, tilt, etc.).

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If you have thoroughly soaked up the flexibility and potential of the LG Ergo Dual, it is time to move on to the tech specs. First, the whole project isn't worthwhile if the display panels are not high quality. We can't properly comment on this without a hands-on review, but LG has shared some detailed specs, including stats about color, brightness, contrast, and plenty more. These specs form an excellent start to move towards a judgment, and at least you can see if any specs are not up to what you might expect.

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LG Ergo Dual (model 27QP88D) key specifications

Screen overview

Twin 27-inch IPS panels with 2560 x 1440 pixels perpanel (QHD), 5ms GtG response time, and 75Hz refresh rate

Picture quality

16.7M colors, sRGB 99% (CIE1931), 350nits maxbrightness, 1000:1 typical contrast ratio, factory color calibrated, HDR10, andwide viewing angles


HDMI, DP, USB Type-C, headphone. USB-C can be usedfor DP-Alt Mode connectivity with data and power delivery, as well as daisychaning displays. No speakers

Special features

AMD Freesync, black stabilizer, flicker free mode,auto input switching, reader mode, super resolution+


Tilt/Height/Swivel/Pivot/ Extend/Retract. VESA 100x100mounting options

In the box

2x HDMI and 2x DP cables, one USB-C cable, DCextension cables

Other specs

Uses external power brick, consumes 38W typical, 140Wmax. Monitors with stand weigh 37.5lbs in total. 1 year guarantee.

As well as showing the various flexes and contortions on LG Ergo Dual (model 27QP88D), the monitor maker also offers some helpful, practical applications of such a dual display. Particularly appealing examples appear to be the quick adjustments to share a screen and how you can easily adjust each display for working, sitting, or standing.

(Image credit: LG)

At CES 2022, we reported on another innovative LG monitor design, the 16:18 LG DualUp Monitor. Unfortunately, we don't have pricing or availability for the DualUp, as yet.

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