Logitech Goes Into Technical Detail About Mouse Sensors

We recently took a trip to Logitech's headquarters in Switzerland to learn more about how the company designs its products. Senior engineer François Morier took the time to explain the considerations that designers must make when creating mouse products.

Morier goes in depth technically how sensors work, DPI count and calculations, why higher DPI isn't necessarily better, angle error, resolution vs. speed error (acceleration), ripple (jitter), dropouts, pixel walk, and circle drift.

If you've ever wondered why your mouse behaves (or misbehaves) the way it does, then you'll want to pay attention to this video below:

Logitech HQ: François Morier, Senior Engineer Explains Mouse Sensor Design

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  • Parrdacc
    Very informative video. I lost count how many times I got into arguments over DPI and how it relates to jitter. So many people just assume higher DPI is better and thats that, and then wonder why their mouse is acting funny. I always wonder about pixel walk, I knew what it was, but did not know precisely why it happened. Good video.
  • digiex
    The noise from the still camera is annoying.
  • uruquiora
    very informative... the clicking sounds of the cameras is VERY annoying though... why do you guys had to take that many pictures ???
    I bet they were too busy taking pics and they didnt even listen to what the guy was saying...