Mad Catz Reveals Five New Gaming Peripherals At CES, Including Tournament Edition Gear

Mad Catz is widely known for its lengthy inventory of gaming peripherals, ranging from keyboards and mice to gaming surfaces and headsets. This year at CES, the company is adding five more devices to its lineup. Some are the latest version of a longtime product, but there are also new products that claim to set the standard for the field.

R.A.T. PRO X Gaming Mouse

The R.A.T. gaming mice line continues to evolve with the release of the R.A.T. PRO X. While it looks the same as previous iterations, its biggest feature lies in its myriad customization options. The users can change and adjust five components of the mouse based on their preferences. The scroll wheel is placed on a swing arm that can be lifted to actually swap scroll wheels. The R.A.T.'s scroll wheel system also allows for analog strafing.

The user can also tighten or loosen the scroll wheel control with an included hex key. Sensor modules can also be switched to one of three modules: the Avago 9800 laser sensor (8200CPI), the Philips 2037 laser sensor (8200CPI), or the Pixart PMW3310 optical sensor (5000CPI).

Other adjustable features include the panels on either side of the mouse, which can be replaced to suit different grips: the sliding ratchet, which adjusts the overall length of the mouse; and the palm rests equipped with a spring-loaded mechanism, which can be rotated for the user's comfort.

L.Y.N.X. 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller

In the past, the Mad Catz's lineup of controllers was bulky and looked very similar to the standard Xbox controller in terms of design. The L.Y.N.X. 9 Mobile Hybrid Controller is a radical change, sporting a similar bony design used for the R.A.T. mice, and the company claims it's small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. You can use it not only with smartphones and mobile devices of various sizes, but also with a PC, Fire TV, Google TV and gaming consoles.

The reason that the controller can be used with so many devices, especially large tablets and smartphones, is because it can be broken up into three different components. The outer halves of the controller can be detached from the central frame and placed on either side of a device. It also features an integrated microphone, a snap-on keyboard, mousepad and cursor keys to give users the same feeling as if they were using a mouse.

TRITTON Swarm Mobile Headset

The company says that its latest headset, the TRITTON Swarm, is its first step into providing a headset that not only works for games, but can also be used for smart devices on an everyday basis.

A Bluetooth connection is required for smart devices, while a wired connection is used for PC and gaming consoles. Players can choose from four different colors: iridescent blue, red, green or black.

Its most impressive feature is that it can connect to multiple devices simultaneously. For example, you can pair it to your smartphone and connect it via wire to a gaming console at the same time. Primarily, the game's audio will be playing through the headset, but if a call comes through on the smartphone, the audio will switch to the call so that players can continue their game without interruption.

F.R.E.Q. TE Headset And G.L.I.D.E. TE Gaming Surface

Mad Catz's Tournament Edition of peripherals already features two mice and a keyboard, so it only makes sense that the company complete the ensemble by adding a headset and gaming surface to its competitive line.

The F.R.E.Q. TE headset features a unidirectional boom mic and 50 mm speakers, which the company claims makes chats clearer and removes any background noise during speech. The ear cups include memory foam, which apparently boosts the headset's noise cancellation functionality. Drivers or software aren't necessary for the headset, making it easier for players to use it on any PC or Mac computer. Customers can choose from four different colors.

As far its gaming surfaces go, the G.L.I.D.E. TE is the company's biggest yet. In addition to supporting both laser and optical mice, Mad Catz claims that it has found a new production method that solves the problem of frayed edges, by binding the contact surface to the silicon base, giving the feel of an "edgeless surface." The surface is also water-resistant, so spills aren't a problem — it can even be washed if needed.

Overall Impact

There's no word yet on the prices for any of these peripherals and accessories, but based on Mad Catz's prior products, it won't cost you an arm and a leg for any of its new products. The company also sells bundles of its peripherals, so chances are these new products will be lumped together at a later date — especially the Tournament Edition, as the addition of the F.R.E.Q. TE and the G.L.I.D.E. TE complete the set.

The L.Y.N.X. 9 is certainly something to look out for considering its many features, not just in terms of function but also design. While it still bears the same name of an already-existing product line, it stands out from the company's other controllers and could set a standard in the mobile market if it is successful.

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  • SirTrollsALot
    Lets hope the R.A.T. PRO X Gaming Mouse doesnt suffer the sensor "turn off" I had two of the Rat 7, tried them on 3 different systems and the mouse would not work once in a while had unplug and replug it in to get to work again... Very annoying in middle of FPS like BF4.
  • BulkZerker
    Here's hoping the ability to swap sensors catches on in other mice as well.