Hunt Down A Stolen Warhead In 'No Stones Unturned' DLC For 'Mafia III'

A second batch of paid downloadable content (DLC) is available today for Mafia III. The No Stones Unturned DLC includes a new story to the game as well as an extra location to explore, more weapons to use, and an additional mission mode.

The story will center on John Donovan, the former CIA agent who helped Lincoln Clay in his quest for vengeance. Donovan’s former rival, Connor Aldridge, created his own mercenary army that is on the hunt for a downed plane on an island near New Bordeaux. The cargo contains the thermonuclear warhead of a Russian missile, which can pose a serious threat if it gets into the Aldridge’s hands. 

When you hunt down Aldridge and his army, you’ll have new weapons to use, such as a vehicle-mounted turret or improved versions of the rocket and grenade launchers. If you want to take out foes from afar, you can call in a sniper service to aid you in the fight. In addition to the new island location, the DLC also opens up unexplored areas in New Bordeaux that you will visit on the trail to find Aldridge.

When you’re finished with the new story, you can try out the new Bounty Missions supplied by a new contact named Robert Marshall. With his help, you’ll have to track down targets that are “causing unexpected trouble” in New Bordeaux and take them out before they deal devastating damage to the city. 

You’ll also have some two new vehicles to use in the game as well as additional decals to add your own flair to your favorite rides. For the fight against Aldridge, you can don the “Jungle Camo” garb to blend in with your surroundings on the island, and when you’re strolling around the city, you can wear the “Party Animal” shirt, which features a Hawaiian-themed design on a bright orange shirt.

If you own the game’s Season Pass or the Deluxe Edition of Mafia III, you’ll get the DLC for free. Otherwise, you can buy it as a standalone piece of content for $15.

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