Memorex announces 24-karat gold CD-Rs

Recent concerns about the short lifespan of CDs and DVDs have prompted some companies to roll out better and much more expensive discs. Memorex has announced their new Pro Gold Achival Media that should last up to 300 years for recordable CDs and up to 100 years for the DVDs. The new Memorex CD-Rs and DVD-Rs last longer because of a combination of a 24-karat gold layer, better dye and scratch-resistant coating.

The CD-R is rated for 52 times recording speed while the DVD-R will handle 8 times speed. According to Memorex, the new discs have handled ultraviolet light, humidity and heat in laboratory tests simulating rapid aging. Memorex is so confident about their discs that they are offering a lifetime warranty.

Other companies are also producing scratch-resistant discs and we recently interviewed Todd Kuchman, the inventor of the Scratch-Less Disc which uses small bumps and a hard coating to resist scratches.

Memorex, a company that become famous by selling audio cassettes, was recently purchased by consumer media maker Imation.

The new CDs and DVDs should be available in April. CD-Rs will cost $20 for a pack of five, while DVD-Rs will be priced at $25 for a 5-pack.