Micron Co-developing Non-Volatile DRAM

According to a press releases, Micron said it will be contributing its expertise in memory IC, module development, and manufacturing to result in an NVDIMM module that will use AgigA Tech's ultracapacitor-based power modules. The previously announced AgigA Tech technology combines DRAM and Flash memory in DDR3 form factor modules. When the power supply is cut, the contents in the DRAM are transferred to Flash. The briefly required power supply is provided by AgigA Tech's capacitors. According to the company, the data retention time in the DIMM reaches about 10 years.

Micron said that it has signed an agreement to collaborate to develop and offer nonvolatile DIMM (NVDIMM) products with AgigA Tech, but it did not provide information when such products could become available and how much they would cost.


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  • assasin32
    Well that would make cold boot attacks much easier.
  • manofchalk
    Interesting, wonder what other applications that this could bring. Imagine something along the lines of super fast USB drives or tablet storage could be possible, with the RAM acting as a cache to the flash memory.
  • fuzzion
    My 1987 sony amp already did that. Infact, the capacitors were so awesomely old that you could switch it off and still hear your music for a few seconds later.