Microsoft’s Adaptive Accessories Launching Oct. 25

Microsoft Accessibility
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Back in May, Microsoft announced a set of Adaptive Accessories, including a mouse, joystick, buttons and more, in an effort to make Windows PCs more accessible to people with disabilities that prevent them from using a standard mouse and keyboard. Now, we finally know when they'll ship.

The Microsoft Adaptive Accessories will launch on Oct. 25 in "select markets." (Microsoft has not fully detailed these regions).

The accessories include the Microsoft Adaptive mouse, a square device that fits various accessories and is designed to be ambidextrous. Microsoft will sell the Adaptive mouse tail and thumb support separately, or you can 3D print your own.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The other cornerstone of the accessories is the Microsoft Adaptive Hub, a dock that lets you attach other accessories, including the Microsoft Adaptive D-pad button, Microsoft Adaptive Joystick Button, and Microsoft Adaptive Dual Button. The hub is required for those other accessories.

The original announcement also mentioned that people using the specialized mouse could 3D print mouse tails to fit their needs. Today, Microsoft is adding that customers using its business and education programs will be able to 3D print grips from Shapeways for the Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 and Microsoft Business Pen. (No word on if we'll see something similar for Microsoft's Surface pens,)

The Adaptive Accessories are launching alongside Microsoft's fall lineup of Surface devices, including the Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5 and Surface 2 Plus, giving them a bit of a flagship spot in Microsoft's roster of consumer-facing products.

Microsoft's other adaptive peripherals include the Xbox Adaptive Controller, a peripheral launched in 2018 that made gaming easier for those who can't easily use traditional controllers. Last year, Microsoft announced the Surface Adaptive Kit with key labels, an easy hinge opener, and port indicators for different accessories.

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