Microsoft Wants a Crypto Boss for Its Web 3.0 Dreams

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Microsoft has taken a bold step towards integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies in its business structure. The company recently posted a new job opening for a "Director of Business Development - Cryptocurrencies" on its career website. It's just another confirmation that blockchain technology is here to stay.

The role is integrated into Microsoft's AI and Emerging Technologies business development team, which is the company's spearhead division for disruptive new technologies. The team essentially looks to emerging technologies, adapting them to existing Microsoft infrastructure (updating or building it from scratch as needed) and onboarding them as new revenue sources. 

"In this role, you will work closely with senior members of the Business Development organization to create data-driven strategies that will impact both short- and long-term engineering plans and product ideas to win in strategic markets. In addition, you will identify, assess, and structure complex partnerships and acquisitions."

Microsoft is looking for a Director with "an understanding of Web 3.0" and with "1+ years of experience in crypto, with working knowledge of tech and protocols surrounding DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and Web 3.0." The company is keen on how impactful it expects the new iteration of the world wide web to be on its business model. 

The Windows developer is looking for someone who can "develop the vision, strategy, and roadmap for Microsoft's web 3.0 partnership model including infrastructure and APIs". As such, the new Director role must work across Microsoft's Product, Finance, Marketing, Legal and other divisions while advising on key technology and product roadmap development.

These aren't superfluous connections by any measure and go to show how Web 3.0 is going to be built into the backbone of tech companies going forward. Microsoft describing the role as having "potential for high impact and direct exec level visibility" only reinforces this idea. Web 3.0 and its associated technologies will be slowly built into existing corporations - perhaps slightly slower after Meta's recent 20% stock value crash. Microsoft, however, knows its future too lies in "The Metaverse" and in how that technology can be leveraged to bring people and communities closer together in more varied ways.

Francisco Pires
Freelance News Writer

Francisco Pires is a freelance news writer for Tom's Hardware with a soft side for quantum computing.

  • hotaru251
    tbh idc what they do as logn as they never put crypto into core of Windows....i will legit learn linux at that point.
  • randomizer
    This is a fluffy way of saying that they're hiring a new sales manager.
  • Colif
    Buzz words. trying to act hip and cool and be like the kids.

    web 3.0.. I remember when Internet of All things was going to be future, now its slap a VR headset on and do all the things I can do now without one... innovation.
  • bigdragon
    I bet we get NFT and metaverse integration into Windows before they improve the widgets system or modernize the control panel.
  • Colif
    They not modernizing the control panel, they replacing it.

    Moving as much of its functionality into Settings, put what doesn't fit into Windows Tools (which right now is in Control panel but I expect once they have moved everything else out, they think of something).
    They moved more in win 11 and insiders builds show they are continuing to move more into it in coming version updates.

    Metaverse is inevitable, being sold as something for customers where really, its not. Its all about marketing, and creating the biggest pool of people to sell stuff too. No wonder Facebook are now Meta - its made for them, you need VR headsets and its all about the advertisers.