Microsoft Releases Designer Bluetooth Desktop Keyboard And Mouse

The number of wires connected to your desktop computer can be overwhelming at times. Fortunately, there are numerous third-party options to reduce the clutter in the form of wireless mice and keyboards. Microsoft added its own version to the mix with its Designer Bluetooth Desktop keyboard and mouse.

The thin keyboard features a black matte finish and chiclet keys. Two small rubber pads and a long rubber strip are under the keyboard to prevent slipping on surfaces. The Bluetooth button is located underneath the keyboard on the elevated tab, which also contains two AAA batteries.

When in pairing mode, a tiny light blinks on the Escape button. Additionally, certain buttons, such as Escape, Delete, Backspace and Enter are slightly elongated to make them a bit more prominent. The Function keys are smaller to allow space for additional keys such as Home, End, Page Up and Page Down. They also serve double duty as media keys, controlling brightness as well as the Print Screen, Scroll Lock, Pause and Insert keys. Also included are the Search, Share, Devices and Settings buttons used in Windows 8.

Just like the keyboard, the mouse has a black matte finish and needs two AAA batteries to operate. The Bluetooth button is located at the bottom above the battery slots. In pairing mode, a blinking light similar to the one on the keyboard appears on the surface of the mouse, below the scroll wheels.

The intended purpose for the keyboard and mouse combination is for desktops, but its Bluetooth capabilities extends its use for mobile and tablet devices, as long as they are running Windows RT/8/8.1 or Android 4.4 or higher. Ironically, it also works on the Mac OS, so long as it's running version 10.10 and higher. Unfortunately, neither of the devices include dongle, so devices without built-in Bluetooth chips aren't an option, which severely limits the usefulness of the mouse and keyboard.

The Designer Bluetooth Desktop keyboard and mouse will cost you $99.95, which seems a little expensive. However, there are other wireless mice and keyboards that are cheaper. They might not come in a bundle, or even with a Bluetooth connection, instead offering a wireless USB dongle. Considering the popularity of both wireless mice and keyboards, there's plenty to choose from for less than Microsoft's asking price.

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  • Didenko
    It would be great if that mouse worked: .

    Oh, and it would be also great if Microsoft would not employ downvoting squads.
  • thundervore
    5 buttons or GTFO!!!

    After using the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 then the Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer I refuse to use a mouse with less than 5 buttons. Currently using a Performance Mouse MX.
  • kyuuketsuki
    I wouldn't exactly say this is "useless" for any device without a built-in Bluetooth chipset, considering you can buy your own Bluetooth USB dongle for dirt cheap that will work with any Bluetooth product just fine.
  • Roger Wilco
    HAHA Vlad Didenko, you missed the description, "Requires Windows 8 or higher". So I imagine no, you cannot use it on your macbook. Also, overall there's many other reviews than your SINGLE review that didn't even follow the instructions and use it on a Windows machine... As far as the product goes, pretty neat looking, would be great if there were more accessory buttons... (razer naga ftw)
  • bzwaagstra
    The selection of Bluetooth keyboards and mice matched combinations is very slim. I welcome this high design option even if the mouse reviews scared me off. Sure, if you want to use a wireless USB dongle then the sky's the limit. But those of us with limited USB ports would like to take advantage of the built in Bluetooth.

    I understand the combo is compatible with anything Bluetooth 4.0 and higher. Hence the limitation to Windows 8 and higher (earlier does not support Bv4 I think).
  • turkey3_scratch
    My just-as-nice LG wireless mouse and keyboard costs $18 new. I still cannot fathom paying that for a keyboard and mouse.