Microsoft Shows Laptop Mouse With Nano Dongle

As much as computer manufacturers try to improve ways to improve the trackpad – be it with multi-touch or scroll-sensitive zones – nothing compares to the old mouse.

To make mice for laptops, companies have often just made the mouse a little smaller so that it’s easier to pack for travel. Of course, now that things are wireless, often you’ll find an unsightly and cumbersome dongle protrude out from your USB port.

Logitech took the first big step by offering a ‘nano-size’ transceiver that reduces the USB part to just a small nub. Now Microsoft has caught up with its own tiny USB receiver and adds in its BlueTrack technology that allows you to use the mouse on more surfaces than ever.

The Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 will hit in June for around $50. Microsoft also announced the Wireless Mouse 5000 and Wireless Keyboard 3000 to join the new summer lineup (read the press release here).

Of course, no matter how small the USB transceivers get, you still can’t beat the convenience of having built-in Bluetooth with a compatible mouse.

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  • jacobdrj
    About fraking time! Finally, someone to compete with Logitech, to help bring the prices down...


    What is this?

    They already have generic Bluetooth 2.0 dongles that do the same thing, and add functionality to your rig?

    What? Some laptops already include said Bluetooth 2.0 capability from the factory?!?!?

    You're kidding, right?

    Oh well, as Cheech once said: "Better late than never..."
  • jerther
    As for space, nothing can beat the good old clit :)

    I personnaly prefer this over the trackpad.

    The industry needs something new and innovative. Mice are like rubber tires for cars: they have been around for too long and are still the best we can get.

    Touch screens are going to be great but I can't picture myself using that for houres.
  • Anonymous
    Bluetooth sucks in a power comparison with a proprietary wireless communication designed specifically for a mouse (low bitrate).

    If you choose Bluetooth you will be expending many bucks in fresh batteries. So, do the math and TCO is a lot higher than the TCO of a mouse with a nano receiver.