Microsoft Research Shows High Performance Touch Screen

Researchers at Microsoft claim to have developed a touch screen display that improves touch screen latency by a factor of 100, which could open the door to new opportunities, such as capable touch screen keyboards.

According to Microsoft's Paul Dietz, current touchscreen displays have an input latency of about 100 ms, which is responsible for the noticeable delay between the input happens and when it is shown. In a video demonstration, Dietz showed a 10 ms latency screen that changed the delay of a movable virtual object on the screen to a rubber band impression. A 1 ms delay version came close to what we would perceive to be as almost no delay. Microsoft has such a display working in its labs, but Dietz stated that it was only a research object and a device which Microsoft would like to see becoming available over the next decade, so don't get too excited just yet. When it is available, applications may be able to add a dimension of practicality when actual hand drawing on the screen may be as realistic as it is when we are drawing on a piece of paper.

Personally, I would hope that such a technology could pave the way to touchscreen keyboards that are serious replacements for today's physical keyboards. Imagine tablets that have fully functional keyboards that you can use for fast typing and ultrabooks that do not require physical keys anymore.

Interactive Displays: High Performance Touch

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    This whole touch screen thing is like 3D...a gimmick. it's not going to last, at least not for a Desktop PC. The market will be limited for it, again, on a Desktop PC.

    Now, on a tablet or phone...different story.

    I hear more and more about how some are saying that Desktop PCs will go away. Well, I'm starting to believe that, but I still think we're a bit too far away for that to happen. At least, not until a Smart Phone can run something like Crysis or be powerful enough to run video editing programs on a docking station. Until that happens, Desktop PCs are here to stay. Give it a couple more years, though.
  • alidan
    how about pressure sensitive, and penable touch screens? i can deal with lag if the experiences is improved significantly.
  • DSpider
    Does anyone else feel a sharp sting on the tip of their finger when using their iPod touch/iPhone/iPad for a while? This is most noticeable when I'm using it for reading comics/manga and I have to constantly pan left and right, up and down, pinch to zoom, etc. Seriously, my finger gets numb all the way to the knuckle after about an hour or so.

    Electrical impulses beneath the glass currently have a 100 ms latency? If they bring it down to "1 ms" (100x faster) then I'm guessing that this will be felt a lot more and a lot faster.