Microsoft Goes to Reddit for Windows 8.1 AMA

While it’s only been a bit shy of year since the last full retail version of Windows launched, Microsoft already released its first big update this week. Windows 8 wasn’t the best-received OS, and the Redmond-based software giant is looking to help ease fears about 8.1 by fielding questions on Reddit.

For the uninitiated, Reddit AMAs are public threads where people, often in privileged positions or holding a unique perspective, invite users to ask them anything. It’s become a pretty popular method of engaging with dozens of users all at once and it’s a nice step towards transparency and for a company that’s been struggling to justify some of their recent decisions, it’s cool to see.

Unfortunately, the AMA has come and gone so if you were looking to get your questions in, you’re a bit too late. Some of the bits that did get answered are pretty informative though, and it looks like we might even see some updates soon to include user suggestions.

The questions and feedback range from technical small business-related things to random facts that people outside the team probably wouldn’t know. Overall, it’s a decent read, but if you’re one of the folks who are on the fence about moving from 8 or even 7 it probably won’t help you too much.

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  • ethanolson
    I can confirm that 8.1 is better than 8.
  • monsta
    Yes it is better, hopefully it just keeps getting better from the feedback they are getting.
    I know a lot of people that don't like 8, it just takes a bit of time to get used to really.
  • ern88
    Where can I get a cheap copy of Windows 8 pro???