Microsoft's Ballmer to confer with EU antitrust chief next week

The Associated Press is reporting that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is planning to meet with European Commission member in charge of antitrust policy, Neelie Kroes, presumably to discuss future Microsoft antitrust issues there:

Neelie Kroes planned to meet Ballmer over breakfast Wednesday to discuss general antitrust issues, EU spokesman Jonathan Todd said. Earlier this month, Kroes said her department had received new informal complaints about Microsoft, perhaps leading to the opening of a new case.

Microsoft said the meeting had no specific agenda. "It is part of the regular dialogue between Microsoft and the Commission on a range of policy issues," company spokesman Tom Brookes said.

(AP via MSN Money Central)

Ms. Kroes is a highly visible and popular member of the EC, who two weeks ago, in a surprise announcement, expressed her support for Angela Merkel, the German opposition leader who faces a runoff against Chancellor Gerhard Schroder. (EU Observer)