Nvidia Unfurls 5 More Free Minecraft RTX Maps

(Image credit: Nvidia)

Last month, Nvidia and Microsoft dropped Minecraft RTX, which takes the once easy-to-run game and turns it into a ray tracing title demanding a beefy graphics card. Now that your GPU has had time to rest after running through the first six RTX maps, Nvidia is back with more to make your best graphics card sigh like a bowl of petunias.

The five new maps provided are truly impressive and well worth having a look at. Just look at the video below, and we bet you'll be tempted. 

The first world is called Hilltop Lifestyle RTX, and presents an Italian village on a hill island made by PearlescentMoon. 

The second map is an egg hunt based on Feed the Beast and is essentially a mini-game where problem solving motivates you to explore more and more.

The other maps show a dark village, a medieval village and The Observer, which spawns you deep underground, drawing you through various rooms, each more impressive than the last.

What we like about the new maps is that while the old maps acted largely as a technical showcase, these new maps do more than just show you what ray tracing can do with Minecraft. The new Minecraft RTX maps also draw gamers in and make them want to explore further with puzzles and Easter eggs.

To meet the Minecraft RTX minimum specs, you'll need an RTX graphics card and a copy of Minecraft for Windows 10. You can download the maps for free from the in-game marketplace by searching for RTX. You'll also want to enable Nvidia DLSS 2.0, as you'll need it to keep the game running smoothly, no matter what resolution you use. 

Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.