Mionix Launches NAOS 7000 Optical Gaming Mouse

Peripheral maker Mionix today announced the launch of a brand new optical gaming mouse dubbed the NAOS 7000. This right-handed gaming mouse features a full palm grip, a 32-bit ARM processor, an ADNS-3310 gaming grade optical sensor that boasts a maximum speed of ≥5.45m/sec (≥215 IPS) all the way up to 7000 DPI, and a new lift off distance (LOD) calibration tool.

There's also a customizable LED lighting system with options for single color or color shift in solid, blinking, pulsating, or breathing effects, a total of seven progammable buttons, and mechanical micro switches with a 20 million clicks lifespan. Set for release in December, the NAOS 7000 comes hot on the heels of the launch of Mionix's AVIOR 7000. The AVIOR 7000 is an ambidextrous gaming mouse with an ADNS-3310 gaming-grade sensor and the same lighting effects as the NAOS 7000. 

Pricing for the NAOS 7000 is $79.99 or £69.99. We'll keep you posted on a more specific release date sometime this month.

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  • ibemerson
    I've had their NOAS 5000 for years. It's very comfortable to rest your hand on top of it. However, as you can see from the picture above, the side of the mouse along the right button does not jut out at all. This makes it painful to lift, as you have to grip it very tightly to do so, or your fingers will just slide up. I am very sad they did not correct this design flaw.
  • knowom
    Arm processor built into a mouse what's next? Included Bluetooth speaker in the mouse along with a microphone maybe a sd card slot so it can play music and a HDMI cable that can interface with like a 10" multi touch tablet off to the side of the mouse pad?
  • quilciri
    I imagine the ARM processor is for (at least in part) the LOD calibration. This is fantastic for hardcore/pro gamers. It is the first mouse (that I know of) with adjustable lift off detection.