Mionix Refreshes 'Avior' Mouse With New Sensor, Color Options (Updated)

Update, 12/5/17, 8:17am PT: Mionix reached out to Tom's Hardware to clarify pricing. Although its site still lists the mouse at €60, which translates to a heft $71 USD, the pricing is different in the various regions where the device is available. We've added a table below with the suggested MSRPs.

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USD (excluding VAT)EUR (including VAT)GBP (including VAT)NOK (including VAT)SEK (including VAT)DKK (including VAT)
Mionix Avior Mouse (Any Color)$5060 €50 GBP599 NOK599 SEK449 DKK

In the U.S., the new Mionix Avior is available on Amazon for just $50, which is more in line with what we'd expect given the competition and the Avior's features.

Original article, 11/29/17, 6:30am PT:

Mionix launched an updated version of the Avior as part of its latest “Fresh Desk” collection. It comes in Frosting (Red), Ice Cream (Blue), French Fries (Yellow), Shark Fin (Gray), and Black.

Compared to the older Avior 7000, the refresh shares the same ambidextrous shape but lacks any side buttons (the original had two on each side). Instead, there’s just a single DPI switch below the scroll wheel. Moreover, fans of RGB lighting will likely be disappointed that only the Black version features any lighting at all. Even then, just the scroll wheel is backlit, while the old RGB Mionix logo has been replaced by a simple matte sticker.

The sensor has been upgraded to the new true 5,000 DPI Pixart PMW3325 optical sensor. To adjust DPI, you’ll need to use the Mionix Hub software, which is now available on both Windows and macOS.

Finally, although Mionix calls the Avior the “dopest entry level,” it retails on its site for a hefty €60, which is around $71 USD.

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ProductMionix Avior
ResolutionUp to 5000 SPI
Polling RateUnknown
LightingScroll wheel only on Black version
SoftwareMionix Hub
Dimensions (H x W x D)-
  • cryoburner
    What exactly does this mouse do that justifies its price tag? Its design is generic, it has fewer buttons than most other gaming mice, and it uses the same sensor that can be found in some under-$20 gaming mice on Amazon, which have 7 programmable buttons, lots of RGB lighting, and positive user reviews. This mouse seems to have color options, and not much more.

    And since when are French Fries bright yellow? That is clearly banana taffy.
  • irfbhatt
    I think that the mouse is good. The price is high ((
  • BulkZerker
    Tabs and glue in it's assembly instead of just tabs? Better quality plastic? Wiring that's got a nice fat glob of solder that covers the power / signal cable instead of a smidgen that barely covered a strand of wire? Buttons that won't fail the first year of ownership?

    I'm not saying the price is reasonable. This mouse should be around $40 for its features.

    Probably the "pink tax". Those color pallets are quite feminine. IMHO.