Molanis VR Is Building An Affordable 360 VR Video Suite For The Consumer Market

Immersed 2016 was filled with a diverse crop of exhibits showcasing a variety of immersive technologies. Virtual reality was the primary attraction at Immersed this year, but 360-degree video was also a popular topic. We had the chance to speak with Enrique Molano, Chief Technology Officer at Molanis VR, at the event about his company’s toolset for working with 360-degree VR video content.

Molanis VR is developing a collection of tools that simplify the process of editing 360-degree video captured from multi-camera systems. The company created simple video stitching software that automatically generates 360-degree VR video content by stitching together up to 14 individual camera sources.

Molanis VR’s video stitching software includes a sound synchronization tool that automatically lines up all the individual video files by searching for a clap on each clip to line up the frames from each camera. Following the synchronization, you can use the calibration tool to set your desired starting point for the video. 

Molanis VR’s 360 VR video suite includes a 360 VR photo editor, which you can use to create a template for your video preview image. The video synchronization creates a 360-degree video, but it doesn’t calibrate the horizon. The video software spits out a single frame from each video feed at the calibration point that you can import into the photo editor to adjust the horizon of the combined from. After setting the horizon, you can save a template file that you can import into the video stitching tool to adjust the whole video.

After you’ve rendered the cluster of video clips into a 360-degree video file, you can open the Molanis VR 360 VR video editor, which lets you add graphics or text, make basic cuts, and add effects to your video. And when you’re ready to watch your finished video, Molanis VR has a 360-degree VR video player for you, too. 

In addition to the software suite, Molanis VR designed a custom camera rig that houses 12 action cameras in an array. The company will sell you the rig as part of a complete bundle for the Molanis VR 360 VR video suite, but you’ll have to pick up the cameras yourself. Molano said that the Molanis VR video software is camera agnostic, but the company’s rig is made specifically for GoPro or Xiaomi cameras.

Molanis VR’s 360 VR video software is currently undergoing a closed beta. When we spoke to Molano at Immersed, he said the closed beta would end in a few weeks and transition to an open beta program. That was two weeks ago, so we expect the public beta to drop soon. Molano said that beta testers would be able to use the software as they wish, for free, during the beta period. Molanis VR isn’t putting a watermark on the trial software, but the company will transition to a paid model after the beta closes.

Molanis VR plans to offer the most affordable 360-degree VR video stitching software tool on the market. The company is targeting a $300 price point for the complete software suite. If you want to get in on the closed beta, you can sign up for it here. Visit the Molanis VR website for more information about the company's software.

 Kevin Carbotte is a contributing writer for Tom's Hardware who primarily covers VR and AR hardware. He has been writing for us for more than four years.