MSI Has the World's First Windows 8.1 Certified AIOs

MSI has announced that its AE221/G and AE222/G are both Windows 8.1 certified. Though Windows 8.1 has yet to be officially launched, MSI is claiming that its machines are the world's first Windows 8.1 certified AIO PCs. Both run on Intel's 4th gen Core processors and feature optional Nvidia GeForce GT740M graphics.

Microsoft announced last week that Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 had shipped to partners, which means the company is on track to deliver the updated platform in October. The company also admitted that it's breaking tradition by withholding the golden RTM bits until the actual October 18 release date. Prior to Windows 8.1, Microsoft typically released the bits early to MSDN, TechNet and its volume-license customers.

Microsoft hasn't discussed pricing for Windows 8.1. The update will be free for current Windows 8 customers, but Microsoft hasn't said how much it will cost for Windows 7 users and older. The company may re-introduce the $40 upgrade promotion for these customers sometime in mid-January 2014, though that's not confirmed yet either.

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  • rad666
    And still, almost no one cares.
  • SteelCity1981
    talk to me when windows 9 comes out if they actually put a real start menu in, make an option to disable metro completely and give people an option to enable aero glass.
  • silverblue
    In other words, back to Windows 7?